Get Started with Email Marketing using MailerLite

Your complete guide to setting up Mailerlite to deliver an email marketing strategy tailored to your business. Includes tutor support.

Course Summary

You know you should be getting your prospects and customers on a mailing list. It's still the most effective way of keeping in touch with people who have expressed an interest in what you sell. And unlike a social media platform which can change its reach overnight, you are one hundred percent in control of your subscriber list with email marketing.

Which is all great, but if you're running a micro business you probably need to do most, if not all, of this yourself. And it's hard to know where to begin. Which email marketing platform should you use? How do you set it all up? What should you put in your emails anyway?

That's where I can help. I've worked with small businesses just like yours, and if you're just getting started with email marketing, Mailerlite is likely to be your best platform. It's inexpensive (actually, the free plan is usually enough to get you started) and it's the most user friendly platform I know.

But it's no good knowing how to find your way around the software, you also need a simple email marketing strategy that willl work for your business without overwhelming you. That's why in this course I teach you how to set up your own simple 'lead generating machine', then to set it up and load it up with content that's a great fit for your business, product or service, and customers.

Plus I'll show you how to build it in a way that means you can grow your lead collecting machine whenever you feel ready.

Unlike many other courses out there, you're not left alone to watch a series of videos. I've been a software trainer for many years, quite a few of them in distance and online learning, and I know that's not the most effective way to learn. That's why this course includes a one-to-one session with me and email support, so you can ask questions and I can help you if you get stuck.

Course Curriculum

 By the end of this course you will:
- Know how to use Mailerlite groups, landing pages and campaigns, plus be able to create simple automations
- Have set up your own subscriber journey, including a landing page, group, lead magnet and automated welcome email
- Understand how you could develop your subscriber journey in future
- Know how to add a Mailerlite form to your website (if you have a website)
- Have a content plan for your next few email campaigns, and know how to plan the ones after that

You can start at any time. It's the best of both worlds - you can self-study in your own time, but there is support if you get stuck, need advice or some accountability.

Aim to work through it in 4 weeks, although you can go at your own pace so you can go faster or slower if you wish. It includes one half-hour 1-to-1 call with Helen and email support, both of which expire 6 weeks after your course start-date. Unlike many online courses where you sign up and you're on your own, I (Helen) will check in to make sure you're making progress.

This course is for solo business owners who may or may not have a team of freelancers working for them. You may have some help in setting up and running your email marketing (e.g. a web designer or virtual assistant) but still need to know how it all works, or you may do your email marketing 100% by yourself.

Either way this course is for you. You need to be ready to ready to start work on your email marketing as soon as the course starts as it's designed to guide you as you create your own 'lead collecting machine'. If you're not ready, please feel free to join the Free Business Toolkit instead.

I was so pleased I had Helen’s course to guide me with how to use Mailerlite. I try to be open minded about new tech, but there is definitely an element of fear and lack of understanding holding me back. Helen’s expertise alongside her calm and friendly voice was just what I needed.

The visual demonstration and clear steps to follow segments suited me, as I could pause and practice on my account at the same time. I felt that I had Helen right there with me and knew that if I messed up or had questions she would give me the extra support I needed. The great news was they the course gave me what I needed to be more confident with what I’m doing.
I can’t thank Helen enough and would definitely recommend doing this course if you want to use Mailerlite.

- Jo Bryant, The Hands-On Company

Helen provides clear, actionable advice, and is a pleasure to work with.

- John Constable, Metadata School

Helen Lindop

I've been a software trainer for over twenty years now and I've also worked in other areas such as setting up email marketing platforms for small businesses, managing online events and conferences, creating online courses and distance learning tutoring. I'm a qualified teacher and have a postgrad diploma in training and development.