Getting started with CRM using Zoho Bigin

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Course Summary

Is your sales process like a leaky bucket where you're getting some interest but not making follow up calls on time (or at all).

Maybe you're wasting too much time chasing around email threads to remember who you need to contact, when and what you said to them last time you were in touch. Is your spreadsheet or notepad no longer up to the job of reminding you who you contacted, what you said and when you need to contact them next?  

Maybe you don't have a sales process yet?

Or perhaps you've used CRMs in a previous job and know you need one for your own small business, but haven't got beyond a spreadsheet so far.

So what's a CRM?  Customer Relationship Management software enables you to keep all your data on your customers and potential customers together in one place. That includes their names, addresses and phone numbers of course, but also a history of each conversation you've had with them and notifications for when you should contact them next. They are a standard feature of larger companies, but often very small businesses make do with an Excel spreadsheet or even an email inbox.

The problem is that following-up is essential to selling what you do, and it's easy to forget to do this in a timely way of you don't have an effective system to organise this for you.

Are you ready to get organised so that you:

- Know exactly who to contact and when, to sell your product or service?

- Never miss a person who wants to buy what you sell?

- Can predict how many sales you're likely to make at the end of each month instead of crossing your fingers and hoping?

- Have all your customer names, contact details and conversations saved in one, easily searchable place?

This course is for you:

-If you're a small business owner, maybe working alone or with a small team, without a sales background, who isn't a fan of sales.  

- If you're a small business owner without a sales background and feel OK about selling, but you know you need a better system as you're working too hard for the projects you win.

- If you've worked in sales or marketing for another company and have now become your own boss.

This course will help you set up a lightweight CRM for your own small business, fast.  It's also a quick start course to get you up and running with Zoho Bigin if you do have some sales or pipeline experience.

Course Curriculum

Helen Lindop

I've been a software trainer for over twenty years now and I've also worked in other areas such as setting up email marketing platforms for small businesses, managing online events and conferences, creating online courses and distance learning tutoring. I'm a qualified teacher and have a postgrad diploma in training and development.

Coming soon!

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