Create Your Online Course in 7 Weeks (or less)

Updated for the Coronavirus era!

Thinking of making an online course?

You’ve got valuable knowledge to share and you want to make an online course. Maybe you’re already teaching face-to-face and want to be able to teach globally, online? Perhaps your clients have said they want to learn flexibly at a time that suits them, or love what you do one-to-one but want a lower-budget way to tap into your expertise?

Whatever your reasons, online courses can free you from working one-to-one, enable you to reach anyone in the world with Internet access and take a step towards earning passive income.

There are big challenges, though...

There’s a lot to learn, including making videos, editing videos and setting up the technology so people can only access your course once they’ve paid. Then you have to decide what to put in the course, what to leave out and how to price it, as well as how you’re going to market it. And all of this has to fit in alongside your client work.

...and there are are plenty of pitfalls along the way

Going around in circles with the tech, not thinking about your marketing early enough and 'scope creep' that means your course just gets bigger and bigger are just a few of the problems waiting for you. I've been there, done all those so I have created a course to keep you on track and away from those pitfalls.

What's the solution?

Keep it simple and get it done! And I'm here to help you. In this course I will give you a simple road map to create your course that I've used myself, recommend inexpensive tools that are simple to learn and I'll answer your questions by email, too.

I've designed this course so you build your own online course as you work through mine, so by the end of the 7 weeks your own course will be complete and launched.

Course Curriculum

Helen Lindop

I help small businesses streamline their marketing tech, using email marketing, marketing automation, online courses and client databases.

I have twenty years experience in software training, so I'm good at helping people get the best from their tech. 

This course is for you if...

    • - You’re a workshop leader, coach, therapist etc who already has subject knowledge and wants to package what you know into an online course.
    • -You’re willing to create your own course as you work through this one. This course is all about learning by doing.

      - You’ve got an hour each week to watch the video and an extra two hours to implement what I cover in the videos.

      - You’re willing to appear in videos - it can be just your voice and not your face if you prefer!

      - You already have an audience, even if it’s a small one.

This course is not for you if...

- You haven’t yet chosen a broad subject area or niche for your course.

- You need to rapidly convert a face-to-face workshop to a live online one (I'm working on another course for that!)

- You hate the idea of recording your voice or appearing on camera and aren’t able to get past this before you start the course.

- You don’t have the time to implement what you learn in the course as you go along

- If you need to demonstrate something complex such as an art or a craft. This course doesn't cover the lighting and camera set-up that you need to do this.

Course Pricing