Lead magnet ideas

Design a lead magnet that grows your list and encourages subscribers to buy

There are lots of videos and articles online full of lead magnet ideas, but how do you know which one will work best for you? Here are my ideas for choosing a subject and format for a lead magnet that will enourage subscribers to join your list, then understand just how good you are and also encourage them to buy your products and services!

In the video below I explain:

  1. Why your lead magnet doesn't have to be a PDF
  2. Why your lead magnet should aim to solve a small problem, fast.
  3. That it should be a taster of your paid products and services.
  4. That you should research how you can best help your subscriber.
  5. Why you may need to experiment to get a truly tempting lead magnet.

If you'd like help creating and setting up a lead magnet, I cover this in my course Getting started with email marketing using MailerLite.

And my own lead magnet is my Free Business Toolkit! There's more about why I chose this format in the video, above.